ASV’s RT-50 Shows Off Benefits of Small CTLs

ASV's RT-50 Posi-Track loader can be used as an all-terrain, all-season loader with maximum control, floatation, traction and pushing power in wet and slippery conditions

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ASV Holdings Inc. offers the RT-50 Posi-Track loader which features a leading performance-to-weight ratio and joins the size class of the RT-25 and RT-40, two of the industry’s smallest sit-in compact track loaders.

The loader was developed to feature power comparable to a mid-sized machine while being light enough to tow behind a 1/2-ton pick-up, making it ideal for landscaping, snow, rental and construction applications. The machine’s size also makes it ideal for entry-level operators.

The RT-50 allows operators to do more in more places thanks to one of the industry’s lowest ground pressures, ease of transport, and the ability to fit into tight areas and narrow trailers. The Posi-Track loader also includes best-in-class ground clearance, serviceability and performance.

The 50-horsepower RT-50 features a greater performance-to-weight ratio than any machine in its class, giving operators more usability in tight areas larger machines can’t access. The track loader boasts a 1,400-pound rated operating capacity while weighing just 5,350 pounds. Some competitive machines with a similar ROC weigh almost 1,000 pounds more.

The machine’s 109.6-inch pin height gives it the ability to load landscape trucks and small dump trucks. Its 15-inch tracks and even weight distribution allow for a class-leading ground pressure of 3.1 psi.

All Posi-Track loaders are backed with ASV’s 2-year/2,000-hour warranty. The warranty covers tracks for the entire period and includes the industry’s first and only no-derailment guarantee.        

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