First Green Rolls Out New Electric Skid-Steer Loader

The RockEat Electric Skid-Steer produces zero carbon emissions, minimum operating fluids and near-silent operation and offers a low clearance, 360-degree camera and remote operability.

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First Green

First Green Industries, a global manufacturer of all-electric skid-steer loaders, launched the RockEat line of electric, cabinless skid-steer loaders.

As an all-electric skid steer, RockEat produces zero carbon emissions, minimum operating fluids and near-silent operation, offering a safe, healthy and environmentally sustainable solution.

Additional features of the skid-steers include:

  • The skid-steer prioritizes operator safety with its cabinless design, especially in hazardous or contaminated environments that demand higher levels of protection. It allows operators to navigate dangerous and confined spaces without risk, maximizing operational efficiency while ensuring safety.
  • The RockEat line features a remote control suite via the Danfoss remote and a 360-degree camera for increased operability. Remote control technology allows for more accurate and refined movements, significantly increasing precision, especially in tasks like excavation or material handling. Remote control operation is compatible with the RockEat attachments and other First Green electric attachments, as well as standard hydraulic attachments.
  • The machines are charged using a standard 110v or 220v outlet (no specialized charging equipment or infrastructure required) and are equipped with a sophisticated battery management system that can sustain up to eight hours of continuous operation.
  • RockEat machines are specifically designed with a low profile to navigate and function efficiently in confined or restricted spaces, providing maneuverability and durability. Machine precision is achieved through four individual speeds for both hydraulic and travel functionalities. These can be further modified by the operator. RockEat functionality empowers operators to fine-tune each of the four travel speeds for optimal performance in specific tasks.

The new RockEat line includes 700 and 1200 models that are 67 inches and 71 inches wide, respectively, and compatible with lead-acid and lithium batteries. The machine offers a maximum power of 3 by 36.2 hp, maximum torque of 3 by 89 foot-pounds, and load capacity of 1,500 to 3,300 pounds.

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