Hardscape North America Hosts a Virtual Two-Day Interactive Learning Event

ICPI’s Virtual Hardscape North America event is a unique opportunity to quickly provide team members with the information they need to build sales momentum and productivity well beyond 2020.

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In a “normal” year, primary and continuing education would be critical to maintaining adequate skills for essential tasks that often change gradually. Pursuing team training would likely involve finding local classes, organizing job site training clinics, or having individuals find time to participate in online courses and certification programs.

While conditions have changed dramatically, so have industry professionals’ options—all on a dime. As we move forward, our growth and profitability will require contending with a very new normal, not returning to the old one. To survive and prosper beyond 2020, industry professionals are learning they must adapt. And adapt quickly.

For businesses experiencing record residential project sales, significant challenges must be met to satisfy current demand, deliver safely and reliably, and extend strong growth trends well into the future. For businesses that have struggled in the curtailed commercial and industrial market, innovating and training to repurpose resources can make a tremendous difference in weathering a potentially slow recovery.

Meeting these new challenges will require fast-track learning to take advantage of new approaches and technologies.

By assembling a top-notch educational event team, the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI) has developed a unique and timely educational event – Virtual Hardscape North America.

“We have an opportunity to bring these critical resources to the field where they are needed and do so quickly, economically, and without compromise. I’m proud to say we will seize the opportunity through this virtual forum and the inspiring instructors we’ve assembled,"  ICPI’s Director of Education and Workforce Development, Merry Beth Hall says.

The virtual two-day interactive learning event, scheduled for January 26-27, involves 42 learning choice sessions across three hardscape business tracks. These sessions will focus on the industry’s most sought-after guidance and be delivered by highly-respected leaders with backgrounds in hardscape business, installation, marketing, and sales.

ICPI’s Virtual Hardscape North America event is a unique opportunity to quickly provide team members with the information they need to build sales momentum and productivity well beyond 2020. What follows are just a few examples from this in-depth two-day event.

Corey Halsted - Moving Marketing Forward Quickly Using Free And Low-Cost Means 

Corey Halsted - Moving Marketing Forward Quickly Using Free And Low-Cost MeansCorey Halsted - Moving Marketing Forward Quickly Using Free And Low-Cost MeansHardscape North America

Creating Your Social Media Presence

Tuesday, January 26 - 1:30-2 p.m. EST

There are few things more useful right now for marketing hardscape companies than social media. Publishing impactful content filled with videos and photos that showcase your best work and then getting that content distributed to more of the right people is game-changing for hardscape pros. In this straight-to-the-point session, go behind the scenes of a successful social media strategy:

  • Creating a balance of paid ads and organic posts
  • Deciding which platform is best for your business
  • Determining what type of posts/ads are performing well now
  • Making it all happen regularly

Prequalifying Leads Using Technology and Content

Wednesday, January 27 - 2-3 p.m. EST

What is the cost of a bad lead? How about the opportunity cost of pursuing that lead? Properly prequalifying sales leads is an essential step to improving processes and efficiencies in your hardscaping business. Learn how to use content and online scheduling systems to educate and prequalify your leads while guiding them through the sales journey.

The Essentials For Marketing A Hardscape Company Today 

Wednesday, January 27      4 p.m. EST

This session, built from insights garnered from years of experience working with leading hardscape contractors, dives into what marketing works today for your exact business. No generic marketing talk here. Corey Halstead breaks down each component of a more successful strategy, laying out a plan that will produce results. 

Frank Bourque - Taking Your Business To The Next Level

Frank Bourque - Taking Your Business To The Next LevelFrank Bourque - Taking Your Business To The Next LevelHardscape North America

Setting Up Your Mobile Office to Increase Efficiency and Profits

Tuesday, January 26      12-1 p.m. EST

Learn how to set up a mobile office to run your business operations anywhere to increase productivity, efficiency, and profits. Furthermore, learn creative ways to use technology to monitor, manage, brand, and market your business for less.

Building A Better Hardscape Business

Tuesday, January 26     4-5 p.m. EST

Growing your hardscape business can mean big dividends if done the right way. In this high-impact session, you will learn how to implement proven systems to grow your hardscape business, differentiate yourself from the competition, and gain the maximum return on investment and profits by investing your time (and money) in the right places. We’ll go on tours with Glenn Curtis at Plantenance and Peter Guinane at Oriole Landscaping to see these proven systems in operation.

Virtual Reality Demo

Tuesday, January 26    3-3:30 p.m. EST

Frank Bourque and guest Jason Brownlee, ASLA, SWD, will demonstrate virtual reality technology and show how you can use it in your landscaping business. 

Participation is remarkably inexpensive and easy. One ticket provides each attendee with full access to all sessions they choose. That is a valuable 10 hours of learning from a wide selection of 42 session choices. Cannot make it to the live event or have an interest in a conflicting session, no worries, all sessions are recorded and will be available to registered participants for 30 days! You can find detailed information and registration for this special hardscape industry event at icpi.org/virtual-hna.