Franchising Increases Revenue for Landscaping Company

Bob McCusker of Cider Mill Landscapes chose to add franchise Outdoor Lighting Perspectives to enhance his existing landscape company.

Bob McCusker is the owner and operator of Cider Mill Landscapes, which is a full-service landscape custom design and build firm that creates natural hardscapes and garden landscapes. Cider Mill Landscapes operates in Delaware, Chester and Montgomery counties in Pennsylvania and Northern Wilmington in Delaware. McCusker added the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives franchise, which is North America’s largest outdoor landscape and architectural lighting provider, to his company in January after discovering them through a radio advertisement.

“I was already doing landscape lighting, and the service really went well with my existing landscape company, and I really wanted to streamline it. I felt like with their branding and the support you get from them, I thought it would be a good opportunity to make it like a specialized division in my already existing company.”

Since adding Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, McCusker has seen a large increase in customers looking to add lighting, and subsequently increased Cider Mill Landscapes' overall revenue.

“It has increased revenue, and a lot of the existing lighting customers find out I do landscaping. So I’m getting lighting jobs with additional landscape jobs and vice versa. I have an existing landscape customer base and they find out that I’ve now added this specialized lighting division. They put me in front of more people and I was able to offer people I was already in front of more services.”