Gardening Resolutions Reflect a Commitment to Being More Environmentally Friendly

One New Year’s gardening resolution is to reduce the size of the lawn by adding garden areas with native plants.

The Virginian-Pilot
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I asked some readers to pass on their New Year’s gardening resolutions to help seed your gardening thoughts for 2018. Here are some from an avid volunteer to pros.

Tom Houser, senior horticulturist at Norfolk Botanical Garden, has goals for his home garden. They include continuing to reduce the use of herbicides until he doesn’t use any at all, to grow more plants from seed and to increase his population of local provenance plants.

Eric Gunderson, owner of Southern Branch Nursery in Chesapeake, Virginia, focuses exclusively on native plants. In the New Year, he wants to continue to promote conservation landscaping practices.

“That includes environmentally sensitive design,” he said, “using only native and noninvasive plants to create diverse landscapes that protect water and soil quality, and support wildlife for us humans to enjoy.”

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