GoMaterials, Takeoff Monkey Launch Integrated Solution for Landscapers

New solution offers a seamless takeoff-to-plant procurement transition for landscape contractors.

GoMaterials and Takeoff Monkey
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Landscaping marketplace GoMaterials and on-demand takeoff and pre-construction service provider Takeoff Monkey announced their new partnership to create an integrated planning and procurement solution for landscape contractors. The new solution lets Takeoff Monkey’s existing customers and users send their takeoffs directly to GoMaterials for estimation through their online platform.

The partnership aims to drastically reduce the traditional procurement cycle for both companies’ customers.

“We recognized that Takeoff Monkey offers the same streamlined experience for the pre-construction stage that we at GoMaterials strive for in the procurement stage,” says Marc Elliott, CEO of GoMaterials. “Together, our new partnership will save time for landscape contractors on both sides of the procurement cycle. All they need is a plan, and everything from the takeoff all the way to onsite delivery of plant materials gets taken care of by our combined solution.”

Launched by experienced landscaping estimators, Takeoff Monkey offers a fast, accurate, and simple takeoff solution. By adding sourcing to their capabilities, the on-demand takeoff service is aiming to offer more value to their customers.

“Takeoffs take about 50% to 80% of the estimating time, so the data needs to be accurate,” says Tommy Lather, CEO of Takeoff Monkey. “We launched Takeoff Monkey to allow our customers to focus on the core elements of their business, and not the computer screen. Adding GoMaterials’ proven plant sourcing and planning expertise is the natural progression of our mission to help landscaping companies grow their business while reducing overhead.”

The new ‘takeoff-to-plant procurement’ solution is already available to landscaping businesses across Texas, Florida, and New York.

“With the combined solution by Takeoff Monkey and GoMaterials, landscaping businesses can sidestep the chaos of takeoff and procurement. It makes the whole process simple, transparent, and free of last-minute surprises,” Elliott says.