PODCAST - How 'Come Alive Outside' Can Redefine Your Company

Landscape contractor Scott Wentworth explains how the Come Alive Outside movement can help define your company, rally your employees, engage the communities you serve, and strengthen your brand.

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Scott Wentworth of Wentworth Landscapes in Picton, Ontario, Canada was an early adopter of the Come Alive Outside concept in 2011. Five years later, his company is still helping to champion the movement, which in his case has included the garnering of support from employees, clientele and local leaders alike.

Scott explains how any landscape company can adopt the Come Alive Outside mindset and benefit from doing so. It starts internally, but then manifests itself in all that you do. It doesn't cost much and doesn't require much extra time or effort. What it does require is a willingness to engage the community in a different way than most landscape contractors are accustomed to. The payback, however, can be tremendous—and Wentworth Landscapes is a shining example.

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