2023 Vectorworks Product Line

The 2023 product line focuses on providing time-saving tools that automate tedious processes and let designers focus on high-quality design.

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The Vectorworks 2023 version product line includes an extensive collection of new tools and feature enhancements. The upcoming release includes Vectorworks Architect, Landmark, Spotlight and Fundamentals, along with fresh versions of ConnectCAD, Braceworks and Vision.

“For Vectorworks 2023, we have spent our time focused on improving our software so that designers don’t feel bogged down by the technology but instead find efficiencies that let them focus on imaginative and creative designs,” said Biplab Sarkar, Ph.D., Vectorworks CEO.


  • Core architectural objects have been reengineered and modernized to be more intuitive through all phases of a project reducing the amount of manual work needed to create and edit day-to-day documentation.
  • The graphic legends smart tool completely removes the manual process of creating graphic legends, automatically coordinating resources used and providing an easy editing and customization process, ensuring the accuracy of legends and drawing keys for documentation.
  • Door and window objects can now be created and edited by simply drawing a rectangle on the face of the wall in 3D or a line spanning the opening in 2D. They can also be interactively edited, making modeling and updating a breeze.
  • Builds on the data-centric focus of its previous version.
  • Users can anticipate several powerful data reporting additions and updates in the soon-to-be-released version.


  • Now supports the translation of more Revit object types and provides better organization of the imported file data making it easier to design a project within the context of existing information and reference a Revit file directly for a more collaborative workflow.
  • Experience better, faster and more accurate BIM collaboration when using BIM collaboration format (BCF) files.
  • As a web palette, the BCF manager will have the ability to be kept open to seamlessly and efficiently manage and model changes with cloud-based collaboration tools.

User Experience

  • New home screen provides a single source for getting started, learning, training and other growth opportunities for all who are using the software.
  • Offset edge tool focuses on a streamlined and smooth 3D modeling process letting you offset edges and push/pull faces from both planar and nonplanar surfaces for faster modeling and efficient design exploration.
  • Updates to the Shaded Render Mode to support an unlimited number of light sources, environmental lighting and reflections and object reflections provide designers with a powerful and realistic working rendering mode to help make more informed design decisions and ensure a better-quality rendering.

BIM for Landscape

  • More intuitive ways to account for proper drainage, vehicular and pedestrian use and better control through contour drawing and editing.
  • A partnership with Laubwerk adds a new and extensive library of 3D plant geometry with a wide range of detail levels, seasonal changes and growth representations for more accurate 3D plant representation, documentation and collaboration.


  • Upgrades to the spotlight cable tools make cable configuration faster and more intuitive.
  • Defined entry and exit of cables in a cable run and the new property view tab in the power planning palette will allow for easier selection and editing of objects in your model.
  • The cable path now allow reporting of all associated cables to a Data Tag for easier documentation.  

“Delivering these frequently requested improvements to the existing functionality in our entertainment products is sure to make the upgrade process for Vectorworks Spotlight users smoother than ever before,” said Darick DeHart, chief product officer at Vectorworks.

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