John Deere 3D Series Compact Utility Tractors

New tractors are a simple, reliable solution designed for heavy workloads

John Deere
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John Deere 3D Series compact utility tractors, including the 3025D, 3035D and 3043D models, offer a powerful, affordable and easy to use solution for a wide range of jobs. Equipped with a gear-drive transmission and available in three horsepower offerings, the 3D Series tractors are designed to tackle everything from pulling and hauling to cutting and tilling. Features include:

  • Options of 25-hp, 35-hp or 43-hp engines
  • Hauling capacity of 4,000 pounds
  • Gear-driven transmission with two ranges and four speeds each.
  • Fender-mounted gear shift level for comfort and enhanced control.
  • Easy to reach rear-mounted 10-gallon fuel tank.
  • Compatible with the all-new John Deere Quik-Knect System, utilizing one connector for the tractor PTO shaft and another for the implement.
  • Three-point hitch that can lift nearly 1,600 pounds.
  • Rear-mounted implements are easy to align and attach with optional telescope draft.
  • Available with 300E Loader adding to versatility.
  • Two-pump hydraulic system allows users to easily steer and lift the loader at the same time. 
  • Optional halogen or LED work lights increasing the area of visibility for improved productivity and maximized overall operating time.

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