IrriGreen Genius Irrigation System Now Available to Professional Contractors in Florida

The IrriGreen irrigation system keeps grass green while reducing water use as much as 50 percent.

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Coast Pump Water Technologies agreed to distribute the IrriGreen Genius Irrigation System from IrriGreen Inc. to professional contractors in Florida. With 20 warehouse locations across the state, Coast Pump is Florida’s premier distributor of water system products, equipment and supplies. The IrriGreen system keeps grass green while reducing water use as much as 50 percent. Requiring fewer sprinkler heads and less pipe than traditional systems, IrriGreen can be installed in half to one-third the time.

IrriGreen’s smart sprinklers install with just one computer-controlled head per zone and no lateral lines. That saves labor. The system waters to the exact shape of the lawn. That saves water,” said Matthew Phillips, president, Coast Pump Water Technologies. “Center for Irrigation Technology (CIT) tests show that IrriGreen can match the performance of mechanical sprinkler systems while using much less water.”

“Over the course of four decades, Coast Pump has become one of the largest and most respected family-owned distributors in the U.S.,” said Gary Klinefelter, founder and CEO, IrriGreen Inc. “As Coast Pump has grown and diversified, one thing has stayed the same: commitment to providing superior products backed by knowledge and experience.”

IrriGreen is the first irrigation system to extend smart control from the controller out to computerized, smart sprinkler heads with embedded software. CIT-tested, IrriGreen transforms outdated mechanical irrigation equipment into modern digital technology. IrriGreen’s patented software controls the spray position and direction, watering distance, and rotational speed of IrriGreen Genius Sprinklers. Like an inkjet printer spraying ink in controlled patterns on a page, IrriGreen prints water in controlled patterns on a lawn. IrriGreen waters so precisely that its streams reach right up to the edge of adjacent hardscapes, such as driveways and curbs, without wasteful over-spraying.

With only one computerized smart sprinkler head per zone, instead of six to nine ordinary rotors, IrriGreen requires less pipe and less wire, fewer valves and fewer fittings, and there are fewer holes to dig.