Green Industry Gives Back on Earth Day

Green Industry Professionals from around the country will be giving back to their communities on Earth Day, April 22. The Professional Landcare Network, PLANET, has created PLANET Day of Service. The purpose of the event is to give members of the lawn care and landscape industry an opportunity to plan, organize and carry out projects to benefit their communities. Healthy and beautiful green spaces are a vital part of our parks, schools, and public grounds. The lawn care and landscape industry plays a vital role as a steward of the world’s green spaces. Check out PLANET Day of Service for more information. If you are a landscape contractor, equipment dealer or other landscape supplier that is giving back on Earth Day, share your story below. The $40-plus billion Green Industry is a vital part of the U.S. economy. It creates well over half a million jobs, not to mention countless opportunities for spirited entrepreneurs. Green Industry Professionals take care of the planet, which improves everybody's quality of life. Now, on Earth Day (April 22), it is giving back to communities across the country. Be proud ... and share your stories below. ~ Gregg Wartgow, editor in chief