Scan Equipment to Learn How to Use It

General Equipment Company now includes QR codes on its products; scan with a smartphone to access video tutorials, service information and operator manuals.

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General Equipment Company now includes QR codes on its products. When scanned with a smart phone, the codes direct users to videos, literature, operational tips, service information and manuals. They are printed on weather- and damage-resistant data plates, which are securely mounted on each piece of equipment.

The QR codes were implemented to help rental operators and end users find relevant information quickly and easily. Unlike similar systems in the industry, General Equipment’s QR codes link to product-specific websites, rather than a generic page. This eliminates the need to browse for desired information after reaching the site.

“Our new system takes people straight to the information they need,” said Dennis Von Ruden, president of General Equipment Company. “They no longer need to waste time searching the Internet for information or looking for their owner’s manuals. As long as people have access to the equipment and a smart phone, they can find everything they need.”

General Equipment Company’s surface preparation, hole digging and ventilation equipment all include the new QR codes. To take advantage of them, the user must have a smart phone with a standard QR code scanner application installed. This simple application is commonly used and is a free download for many devices.