Debug the Myths Road Show

Can you handle the truth? Find out if what you know about pests is fact or fiction with the RISE DeBug the Myths program.

Active learning always sticks better than passive learning. With that in mind, RISE (Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment) designed an innovative program to give homeowners and consumers a better understanding of the value of protecting homes and gardens from bugs, rodents and weeds.

After developing an information hub,, to provide credible answers to pesticide and fertilizer questions, RISE took the show on the road. They wrapped an RV with pest images and DeBug the Myth logos and launched a road trip throughout the East Coast earlier this year.

The upbeat, family-friendly DeBug the Myths program includes:

  • A fun, brief quiz that reveals the pest whose personality most closely resembles the quiz-takers.
  • An opportunity to create a personal “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” moment using original bug-filled backgrounds and green screen technology.
  • An original children’s book and lesson plans for elementary schools.
  • Two “Save that Yard!” lawn makeovers.

The activities all help people better understand the importance of controlling pests and maintaining the health of outdoor spaces.

So far, the campaign has generated more than 175 million media impressions and 53,000 social media impressions. RISE plans to continue the DeBug the Myths Road Tour, branching into other areas of the country. Stay tuned to hear about a stop near you!

Established in 1991, RISE is a national not-for-profit trade association which works as a resource to the media and provides journalists and others with current and accurate information on key pesticide and fertilizer issues.