LandOpt Contractor Network Expansion Continues in North Carolina

Cary-based Fontaine Landscaping becomes third LandOpt Contractor in the state.

Fontaine Landscaping

Fontaine Landscaping has joined the LandOpt Contractor Network, bringing to three the total number of Powered by LandOpt Contractors in the state of North Carolina. The company joined for four primary reasons:

  • Streamline business processes
  • Adopt more formalized business planning and budgeting process
  • Network with other LandOpt Contractors
  • Clearly define roles for employees

Founded in 1996 by owners Kevin and Dana Fontaine, Cary-based Fontaine Landscaping is among the Triangle’s premier solution providers for grounds management, lawn care and landscape enhancement. As a full-service landscape provider, the company’s focus is on maintenance services within both the residential and commercial markets, inclusive of private homes, multi-family units, and H.O.A. sites. The prospect of streamlining their business processes via the LandOpt System and tools is what appealed most to Dana and Kevin about LandOpt, as well as the ability to adopt a more formalized business planning and budgeting process, and network with other LandOpt Contractors. 

The opportunity to introduce well-defined roles was important to the duo as well. “Clearly defined roles within the business will definitely get everyone on the same page, so to speak,” noted Kevin. “Each person on the team will not only know his/her own responsibilities, but will clearly see where they fit in the overall picture of service delivery. This will allow us to better track productivity and set both individual and team goals and milestones against which we can measure progress.”

Fontaine Landscaping will become the third LandOpt Contractor in North Carolina, joining Shallotte-based Carolina Creations Landscapes and Swansboro-based H&H Landscaping and Lawn Care. LandOpt has seen steady growth over the past six months, adding locations that span the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions of the country.

The continued growth of the LandOpt Network is a testament to the fact that both contractors and their customers are embracing a more business-focused and professional approach to the landscape service contracting industry that places greater emphasis on a contractor’s value as a horticulture and green industry expert. According to Tim Smith, LandOpt president and CEO, “As horticulture and environmental experts, our contractors find that a proactive, problem-solving approach—versus just simply reacting to a customer’s perceived immediate needs—allows them to create long-term, mutually beneficial customer relationships. It’s about becoming a trusted partner.”