Husqvarna Sales Up 23% Through June

Sales in the Americas were up 23% in the second quarter, with riding and walk mowers showing the most growth.

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Husqvarna sales in the Americas rose 23% in the second quarter, equaling the company’s Jan-March performance. Adjusted for exchange rates, the growth rates are 11% for Q2 and 15% for the first six months of 2012.

A company statement pointed out that sales specifically in the United States were also in the double digit-growth range. Demand for forest and garden products increased and sales were also supported by better production output. In terms of products, ride-on and walk-behind mowers had the best development. Sales in Canada and Latin America were also higher.

According to Hans Linnarson, Husqvarna president and CEO, "Growth in the North American market continued, but the demand for forestry and garden products slowed down towards the end of the quarter (June) … For Construction, the trend from the first quarter with growth in the North American market continued and the European markets remained challenging … Customer service, delivery reliability and cash flow are some of (Husqvarna’s) top priorities for 2012, and I am pleased to note the significant improvement achieved in the first half year.”

Husqvarna’s worldwide Construction Segment sales grew 10% in Q2 and 12% for the first six months. Adjusted for exchange rates, the growth rates are 3% and 7%.

According to a statement from Husqvarna, “Market demand in the U.S. rose compared with the second quarter in the previous year, as a result of higher construction activity and a continued product replacement need.”