City Settles Landscape Contractor Lawsuit Regarding 2016 Water Main Incident

With the settlement agreement, the landscape contractor doesn’t have to acknowledge it was responsible.
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The City Council of Lakewood, Ohio, recently approved a $40,000 settlement agreement with Global Outdoor Solutions LLC regarding a June 2016 incident on Riverside Drive.

"Global Outdoor Solutions was involved on an overpass bridge project above I-90," Lakewood law director Kevin M. Butler said. "While working, they accidentally knocked into a city-owned fire hydrant along the side of the road.

"That caused some damage to the underground water pipes that sort of set off a chain reaction and some water mains broke under the street that we had to fix."

As a result of the hydrant breaking off, the valve in the waterline caused water hammer, which basically sent a pressure surge of water through the main. Butler said he believed the waterlines under Riverside Drive ruptured in three locations.

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