After H-2B Visa Program Denial, Lawn Business Hopes to Influence Change

Mow Time will begin the hiring process for summer in the near future, but its owner anticipates he may have to close.

CBS Denver
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The U.S. visa program that offers work to non-agriculture workers is growing in demand. The latest round of applications for the H-2B program broke the Department of Labor’s website. The demand for the labor far outweighed the number of visas available.

“There’s a labor problem. We have a serious problem and I’m not sure we know how to solve it, and it’s going to affect everybody because we have to increase prices to find people,” said John Erbert.

Erbert has been mowing lawns for 36 years. Finding clients has never been a problem. Mow Time is the largest residential mowing service in the state. Erbert says finding labor is increasingly difficult: “If you would’ve told me years ago that your number one problem is going to be finding employees, I would’ve thought you were crazy,” he said.

He believes there are so many job options for the American workforce that mowing lawns is no longer a desirable option, even though the wages are competitive.

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