Park West Enhances Sustainability of Crystal Cove Luxury Community with Extensive Smart Irrigation System

The project replacemes the existing analog irrigation controllers with 186 wireless, high-station-count HydroPoint WeatherTRAK controllers that can be managed remotely to save time, effort and money while streamlining operations

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Park West Companies, a leading provider of landscape construction, landscape management and tree care services, has been engaged to implement a significant upgrade of the extensive irrigation system for the seaside Crystal Cove community in Southern California. 

Nestled in the hillside of the beautiful Newport Coast of Southern California, the luxury lifestyle community of Crystal Cove is known for its extensive offerings that include parks, playgrounds, beaches, protected open space, trail systems, a private club and world-class golfing. The community has earned a reputation for excellence, in part for the management of the property to optimize water usage in the interest of sustainability. 

Crystal Cove decided to update its irrigation system, while at the same time reducing the overall number of controllers. Upgrading to new technology would offer important advantages in functionality, reliability and enhanced water management. With a property as expansive and focused on meticulous manicuring as Crystal Cove, it was clearly time to update the irrigation system.  

Crystal Cove engaged Park West for the replacement of the existing analog irrigation controllers with 186 wireless, high-station-count HydroPoint WeatherTRAK controllers. Because WeatherTRAK controllers can be managed remotely, the community is able to save time, effort and money while streamlining its operations significantly. 

“The HydroPoint wireless technology aligns perfectly with Crystal Cove’s mission of maintaining a sustainable community and creating a beautiful lifestyle environment while reducing expenses at the same time,” said Danny Smith, Irrigation Specialist for Park West. 

A significant advantage of the WeatherTRAK system is eliminating the need for communication links, weather stations, phone lines, servers, radio transceivers and other add-on components that can represent points of potential failure and installation headaches. 

As an additional benefit, because the Crystal Cove project is significant in size at 3,674 acres, the community was able to obtain significant rebates from the SoCal Water$mart program of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California for implementing the HydroPoint smart irrigation technology.