Smart Irrigation Market Expands with New IoT Water Management System

Adding the Internet of Things provides new insights that improve irrigation monitoring, performance and troubleshooting.

Environmental Leader
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Water management system company H2O Flow Pro announced that it chose an Internet of Things (IoT) platform from Minneapolis-based software company Exosite to develop new water conservation technology. H2O Flow Pro says this will be the first IoT water conservation solution offered in the western United States.

Founded in 2013, H2O Flow Pro develops wireless systems that provide customers with real-time data about water consumption. The company says its patent-pending system works with any irrigation controller to show daily activity as well as send alerts in case of high or low flows, and remotely shut the water off automatically.

H2O Flow Pro’s technology works by relaying water flow measurements to a controller via a wireless transmitter. The controller learns the normal flow for each zone and then switches to monitor mode, according to the company. When the controller detects a high or low flow, the controller can shut off the zone on a high flow, send a high- or low-flow alert to the cloud service, and route an alert from the controller to the owner via email through the cloud.

Using Exosite’s IoT platform, H2O Flow Pro envisions moving from a reactive approach to water loss issues—including broken pipes or damaged sprinkler heads—to a proactive one. Adding IoT provides new insights that improve irrigation monitoring, performance and troubleshooting, according to the two companies.

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