Rain Bird Sponsors UN Water Forum

International Water Forum on September 16 calls for a shared global sustainability agenda.

Rain Bird

Rain Bird Corporation is encouraging awareness of the need for efficient water use by sponsoring the International Water Forum at the United Nations on Friday, September 16. Scheduled to coincide with the opening of the 66th United Nations General Assembly, the International Water Forum featured in-depth discussions, presentations and expert panels addressing the need for building a global awareness and education campaign aimed at the impending global water crisis.

As a presenting sponsor of the historic daylong event, Rain Bird's representative will participate in discussions about potential solutions to the world’s myriad of water issues and the need for greater global education and awareness.

“Our participation in the International Water Forum fits well with our commitment to water conservation and the Intelligent Use of Water,” said Dave Johnson, Rain Bird’s director of corporate marketing. “This forum is a huge step toward developing a coordinated effort to raise public awareness and spur meaningful action around the globe in the form of plans, policies, education, and ultimately, solutions to the world’s water issues.”