New Equipment Helps Rehab, Rebuild and Replace Lawns in 2015

Preview of new lawn renovation equipment including aerators, dethatchers and sod cutters.

It typically doesn't get the kind of glory lawnmowers or fertilizer spreaders do, but lawn renovation equipment such as aerators, dethatchers, sod cutters and overseeders can play an equally important role in a lawn maintenance contractor's arsenal.

Several top manufacturers have introduced new lawn renovation products this year. Schiller Grounds Care has made significant improvements to two of its Ryan-branded products. The Jr. Sod Cutter features a new vibration-dampening handle which reportedly cuts hand/arm vibration by up to 75%. Also, the redesigned Ryan Ren-O-Thin Power Rake now features an optional easy-on/off seed box to increase productivity.

Schiller Grounds Care has also introduced a new product under its Classen brand. The HSC18 Pro Sod Cutter with hydrostatic drive is designed for top-of-the-line transport and cutting speeds.

Making big news is Billy Goat, the Missouri-based manufacturer that acquired the Plugr line of aerators from Nebraska-based manufacturer SourceOne last fall. Plugr is known for its unique reciprocating aerators. Other brands also offer reciprocating models, such as the Classen RA-21 Reciprocating Aerator and the Ryan Lawnaire 28 Commercial Aerator.

Billy Goat actually offered its own aerators before acquiring Plugr. "The acquisition of the Plugr brand complements Billy Goat’s current AE401 19-inch drum series as well as our newly introduced 30-inch AE1300H hydro reciprocating aerator, creating the most innovative and productive range of commercial aerators in the marketplace," says Pierre Pereira, vice president sales and marketing for Billy Goat. "The new reciprocating aeration technology has advantages over traditional drum aerators in terms of improved operator ergonomics, lower service, and increased hole quantity and quality."

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