Agrium Partners with Turf Care Supply

Two separate agreements designed to increase access to Agrium’s XCU, SCU, Nutralene and Nitroform brands of reacted fertilizers.

Agrium Advanced Technologies has entered into a new long-term strategic toll manufacturing and marketing relationship with Turf Care Supply Corporation (TCS) for sales of the XCU and SCU brands. AAT has also entered into a separate long-term strategic supply agreement for production of its Nutralene and Nitroform brands.

“These two relationships are the most recent examples of AAT’s continuous drive to increase access to value-added products for our blender and distributor partners in the turf and ornamental markets of North America,” said Andrew Mittag, president, Agrium Advanced Technologies. “We believe this is a positive step for our customers, the industry and the companies involved.”

The TCS production and marketing agreements will involve TCS manufacturing the XCU and SCU technologies and AAT wholesale marketing the products to blenders going forward. TCS will maintain and operate its current blending business which is unaffected by this agreement.

The improved long-term supply agreement regarding Nutralene and Nitroform will further expand AAT’s reach into the North American markets. The result of this relationship will increase customer access to two of the most widely recognized brands in the reacted fertilizer market.