How to Prevent Ticks in Your Yard

Everyone hates the pesky blood-suckers, but there are environmentally healthy ways to remove them from the yard.

The Boston Globe
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As ticks become a growing concern in United States, there are options to consider for yard treatments that can get rid of ticks and the diseases they carry.

Rising outbreaks in Lyme disease are creating a booming business for companies that specialize in tick and mosquito control. But, are chemical insecticides safe for children, pets, and the environment?

There are organic options, but they may not be as effective as insecticides.

“The perimeter of our properties where things are a little weedier and brushier…that’s where ticks live,” said Barbara Heath, head of the horticultural department at North Shore Community College. “They’re waiting for you to walk by, and they’re going to launch themselves onto you.”

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