Cut the Chemicals, Go Natural

Lawn care chemicals can be harmful to more than just pests and weeds. These problems can be handled safely.

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Products on the market labeled pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, etc. have proven harmful to their intended objects and to beneficial plants, insects and animals, including humans.

Ingredients in these products can cause rashes, sores, boils, respiratory ailments, cancer and many more problems that might take up to seven generations to identify. There is no need to use these products in the garden or on your lawn.

You might not want to use them, not purchase them and leave word to a retailer that you wish to have them removed from their stores. The problem with these products goes beyond your usage. Your neighbors’ usage can also be a problem, especially if you are down wind.

There is a better way to handle pests, weeds and harmful insects. First you should determine what are actually problematic. Many insects and weeds are beneficial to gardens and the environment, even essential to health. Unwanted weeds can be handled safely.

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