Z-Spray LTS Spreader Sprayer

Zte20 Lts In Use 2 S
Z Turf Equipment

Z Turf Equipment ‘s Z-Spray LTS spreader sprayer, based on Exmark’s stand-on spreader sprayer, features learn-to-steer capabilities and new spread and spray controls for easier, more precise application settings. The lean-to-steer design enables one handed speed and direction control, freeing the other hand to adjust spread or spray controls, or use the easy-access spray wand. Features include:

  • Spyker style spreader system broadcasts up to 22-feet
  • 175-pound hopper capacity, with space to carry 50 pounds of bagged material atop the tank
  • Spray system features selectable narrow (5.5 feet) and wide (11 feet) spray nozzles
  • 20-gallon tank features molded-in graduations
  • Constant in-tank agitation keeps materials in suspension, even when using wettable powders and other dry-flowable materials
  • Stainless-steel operator platform uses isolation mounts for a more comfortable ride
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