Productivity Meets Performance with Aerators

Ease of operation and a quality end result depend on an aerator's key features.

Turfco XT5
Turfco XT5

The right aerator has features that offer ease of operation and a quality end result, both of which can lead to increased productivity and customer satisfaction. Here is what to look for.

The Turfco XT5 features a gear ratio system that increases aeration speed by 14%. This means more ground can be covered in less time without sacrificing quality or the ability to turn while aerating—tines still in the ground.

Hill performance is especially a concern when aerating. A flexible and easy-to-adjust height saves time and improves the quality of aeration. The new weight system from Turfco allows operators to adjust the weight in the back of the aerator, improving hill performance and control on hills. Operators can take advantage of the enhanced speed on hills, while still maintaining control.  

Steerable aerator technology has also helped machine operators to be more efficient.

The TurnAer XT5 utilizes Turfco’s patented steerable aerator technology with a new variable-speed hydrostatic drive system. As a result, the XT5 is reportedly 50% more productive than traditional aerators. It is also simple to understand and operate and requires little maintenance.

Contractors should look for a machine that distributes weight evenly. Optimized weight bar placement puts the weight directly over tines. This helps tines to better penetrate and offers smooth operation.

EasyChange tines, available on the Turfco XT5, reduce changeover time. A removable tine cover provides fast, easy access for changes and cleaning.

When it comes down to tine vs. core aerator, it depends on the property's needs. A core aerator works well in areas that experience a lot of traffic and compaction. These are ideal or municipal properties and sports fields.

The core aerator may be too extreme for smaller residential properties. A rotary spike aerator carried enough to penetrate a compact lawn.

The width of an aerator can also determine what jobsites its use is appropriate for. Fitting through gates and in tight on small residential properties requires a smaller machine.