Alternative Lawn Care Company Launches 'Optimized Organics'

BeeSafe Lawns says it can reduce chemical fertilizer and pesticide use by up to 90%.

BeeSafe Lawns, an "alternative" organic lawn care provider with locations in more than 30 states, has launched Optimized Organics, a more budget-friendly version of its premium organic lawn care service.

According to a company press release distributed by, BeeSafe founder Tom Kelly says, "Homeowners want fewer chemicals used around their homes, it's plain and simple. Our Optimized Organics program allows homeowners a significant reduction in the use of pesticides while offering advanced results. In other words, we've finally found a way to offer the best of both worlds when it comes to lawn care."

This new program is the result of several years of advanced product development and a redefinition of standards when it comes to what is acceptable in an organic approach, the BeeSafe press release states.

The Optimized Organics plan includes a natural slow-release fertilizer chosen specifically for the seasonal conditions and growth requirements of the homeowner's turf. The Optimized fertilizers are designed to promote deep root growth and deep green color. BeeSafe says it will also utilize pre- and post-emergent weed control products to guarantee that a lawn is free of weeds and crabgrass.