Company Turning Beetle Kill into Organic Bio-Fertilizer

Lawn care companies can use an organic bio-fertilizer made from beetle-kill trees instead of conventional fertilizer.

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The devastating impacts of the bark beetle infestation are still being felt. The forest service estimates Colorado still has 4 to 5 million acres of beetle kill in the Rockies. But, there’s a breakthrough technology turning that dead wood into new life.

Just west of I-25 near Berthoud in Larimer County is a relatively new company called Biochar Now.

"We get wood from everywhere," said owner and CEO James Gaspard. “Dead trees, but what we see is carbon. You'll see holes in every one of these trees. This is all beetle kill."

Biochar is recycling beetle-kill trees that would otherwise be rotting in the forest, creating a dangerous wildfire hazard or worse end up in a landfill.

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