Organic Dog and Cat Repellant

Easy-to-Use Organic Dog and Cat Repellant

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Plant Pro-Tec, holders of a patented release technology, have developed a new Dog and Cat Repellant. The new repellant joins the popular deer and rabbit and gopher and mole repellants already on the market. Formulated from 100% organic food-grade ingredients, the new formula takes the proven repellant properties of sulfur compounds in garlic one step further by adding cinnamon oil and lemongrass oil.
• Easy-to-use and biodegradable clip-on applicator
• Lasts for 6-8 months (8-12 months for Gopher and Mole repellant)
• Stays active in rain and snow
• Patented release system
• Available in two display options(Counter display with header card, Clip strip for display anywhere)


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