LCOs Encounter Nightmare Scenario on Residential Jobsite

You’ll never believe what a couple of Iowa lawn care contractors encountered recently.

There are some things lawn care contractors never want to encounter on a jobsite, such as dollar spot, fairy ring, unpenned attack dogs, massive hornets’ nests, and the middle-aged next door neighbor dropping trou.

As reported by the Associated Press via in Des Moines, IA, a 56-year-old woman has been accused of flashing a couple of lawn care contractors who were working in her neighborhood. A police report states that the woman admitted to dropping her pants and lifting her shirt. She was charged with indecent exposure, pleaded guilty and was given a fine.

Police say the woman had been drinking at the time of the incident. These two unfortunate lawn care workers probably wish they had been drinking a bit themselves—so their vision would have been clouded just a little.