Tenacity Herbicide

Syngenta's Tenacity Herbicide is EPA-registered for use on residential lawns and granted Reduced Risk Status for turf use.

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The EPA Conventional Reduced Risk Pesticide Program compiles conventional pesticides that pose less risk to human health and the environment than existing conventional alternatives. In Tenacity, that active ingredient is Mesotrione. 

Syngenta says you can use Tenacity to protect your cool-season turf, including newly seeded turf, from 46 tenacious weeds like crabgrass, ground ivy, clover and nimblewill. Tenacity selectively controls weeds and grasses pre-and post-emergence, and is the broadest-spectrum herbicide available for use at seeding, Syngenta says.

Use Tenacity when over-seeding, converting bare areas to turf, or removing broadleaf and grassy weeds from the lawn. Once applied, Tenacity translocates throughout the weed and terminates growth within two to three weeks, Syngenta assures. Soon after application, weeds stop competing with the desirable turf as photosynthesis is disrupted.

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