GlyphoMate 41 Weed & Grass Killer plus Aquatic Herbicide

Pbi Gordon Glyphomate 10771676
Pbi Gordon

GlyphoMate 41 is recommended as a non-selective weed and grass control for edging, turf renovation, spot treatment, aquatic sites, landscape plantings, nurseries, roadsides, schools, farmsteads, shelter belts and many other approved uses.

Labeled for both aquatic and terrestrial use, this "all-in-one" glyphosate product has a surfactant built into the formulation.

A low-odor formulation, it can be applied without raising unnecessary concerns over pesticide applications. This product is generally rain-fast in 6-8 hours. Therefore, it has less of a concern about weather interference. When renovating turf, you can reseed immediately. However, renovation tillage should be delayed for 7 days to allow translocation of the herbicide to occur.

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