Ames Garden Tools

The new lineup from Ames Companies includes an aerator, weeder, tiller, edger and auger.

Stand-Up Weeder
Stand-Up Weeder
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The Ames Companies has introduced a new line of spring garden tools under its Ames brand.

The Spike Aerator is the secret weapon to improving lawn health. Its all-steel, multi-spike design provides optimal soil penetration allowing water, air and fertilizer to achieve faster root access. It’s the perfect tool for hard soils and comes equipped with a foot step and a strong, U-shaped steel handle for added leverage.

The Stand-Up Weeder has a patented design that quickly and easily removes weeds at the root with no physical bending or divots of damage to turf. This tool also aerates the soil for a healthy lawn and features an ejection slide action for easy release of weeds. Made of durable steel and lightweight poly, this tool is ideal for eliminating pesky weeds without chemicals.

The Garden Tiller has a patented head design and features six innovative tines for ultimate soil aeration and turnover. This versatile tool allows air, water and fertilizer to mix and penetrate the ground resulting in a healthy garden. Its large, non-slip foot steps offer added leverage when breaking up hard, compacted soil or mulch. The tool also features a wide, T-handle, which provides a comfortable grip.

The Landscape Border Edger is ideal for creating clean borders around beds and walkways. The arched, serrated steel blade cuts through grass and turf in one step and is able to create straight or curved trenches for custom-shaped beds. An innovative footplate provides consistent cutting depth. This tool works well to create clean, finished edges along driveways, flower beds and sidewalks.

The Garden Cultivator features a cast metal head for increased strength and durability and six rotating, detachable tines that effortlessly penetrate soil to accommodate tilling around and in between rows with ease. Its ergonomic steel handle design minimizes fatigue and its cushioned grip provides a comfortable and sturdy hold.

The Planting Auger makes planting bulbs and annuals fast and easy from an upright position. It attaches to a power drill, which does the digging for you and its all-steel design ensures strength and durability.

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