Connects Sod Installers and Homeowners, a lead generation platform in the landscaping industry, has made it easier for homeowners and sod installers connect. Here's how.

Bg, a lead generation platform in the landscaping industry, has streamlined the process in which homeowners and sod installers connect. 

" is dedicated to simplifying the sod installation process for both homeowners and professionals," said Taylor Clay, co-founder of "Our platform is engineered to facilitate precise estimates and foster connections between homeowners and reputable sod installers, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for everyone involved."

For sod installers, leads from homeowners are automatically sent to all partners whose service radius overlaps with the homeowner's address. Furthermore, sod installers can improve their own websites by embedding's lawn square footage calculator and customizable quote tool. The registration process is simple and efficient, requiring only a contact email, central operating address and a specified radius for job acceptance, according to the company. 

For homeowners, offers an advanced lawn calculator that uses satellite imagery to accurately outline their property and automatically calculate the required sod square footage. This calculator is seamlessly integrated with a comprehensive quoting process, providing homeowners with an estimated cost for sod installation before connecting with a company. Additionally, the platform features a lawn removal calculator to estimate the cost of removing existing grass.

In addition to these innovative tools, serves as an extensive resource for homeowners looking to educate themselves about the best sod for their area. The website features in-depth information for each state and major city, as well as individual sod articles and sod comparison articles to help homeowners choose the best type for their needs.

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