Landscape Contractors Must Search for a Better Way Today

Jim Paluch of JP Horizons discusses how contractors in search of A Better Way must systematically acquire wisdom to adjust management strategies in today’s economy.

A Better Way is simply the systematic acquisition of wisdom. No longer can we as Green Industry business owners, suppliers, educators, associations, employees, magazines and consulting firms be satisfied with only providing or gathering information. It is what we choose to do with that information that will make the difference.

We are successful as leaders, teachers, mentors and parents when we can help an individual or group put the right information to work. The approach we initiate at JP Horizons has come to be known as Socrates. It follows these steps.

Ask a Question – Begin with a question that focuses attention to a specific need. For example, “What is the simplest thing my company can do this year to improve the morning start-up?”

Gather Information – Consider the most credible source of information that can address your question.

Facilitated Debate – Question everything about the information. Draw-in those whose opinions and insights will help question the information, and ultimately be impacted by the outcome of the debate.

Gain Knowledge – A willingness to gain a deeper understanding of this information brings us to the point of being knowledgeable. Unfortunately, many struggling individuals and companies will be satisfied with the knowledge, but not commit to the next step.

Create a Plan – In our methodology at JP Horizons, we call it a “Thrival Campaign.” It consists of a written, focused result and the dynamic actions needed to accomplish it—along with who’s and when’s to make the plan real and accountable.

Take Action and Get Results – A clear plan will always help us move beyond complacency to achieve results, and the people or network we surround ourselves with can inspire us to take action.

Wisdom – The results we obtain, regardless of the outcome or the degree of success, becomes our source for wisdom. What we learn from that outcome and choose to apply will always be a reflection of our commitment to finding A Better Way.