How To Inspire Salespeople

A strategy to help them hit their goals

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You have to give salespeople a very clear plan. Also, make sure they understand the metrics of their sales goal. A good approach is to "back in" to the metrics.

Below is a simplistic example:

If you're selling something for $2,000 and the employee has an overall sales goal of $100,000, the employee needs to understand that they have to make 50 sales.

So … how many leads will you need to generate to close those 50 sales? If history shows that you close about 25% of your leads, you'll need around 200 leads in order to close 50 sales.

Backing up a bit further, history might show that in order to generate 200 good leads, you need to start with 800 to 1,000 prospects.

All of these metrics provide the salesperson with some nearer-term goals to help them achieve the overall goal of $100,000 in sales. Providing them with this data helps keep them focused and inspired—and more likely of achieving that overall goal.

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