How to Keep Young Sales Reps from Crashing and Burning

Tips for how to keep young sales reps from crashing and burning with careful recruiting and coaching.

Careful hiring. Identify the character traits, personality traits and sales competencies which would be possessed by a successful sales hire.

A thorough introduction. Install a 90-day ramp-up process that includes training, introductions and celebrating progress points.

Learn goals and expectations. Have sales reps complete a goal-setting sheet detailing the amount of money they need to survive and the additional amount to sell to fulfill a better lifestyle.

Customized coaching. Develop a scavenger list of 10 personal and important things to know about each rep. What you learn will help you tailor your coaching for each rep.

Develop a plan. Help each rep develop a sales plan, and show him or her the activity levels necessary to reach his or her goals.

Lance Cooper is the author of "Selling Beyond Survival: The Essential System for High-Activity Sales Professionals." For more information, visit