5 Ways Fleet Management Helps You Run a Smarter Business

Five ways fleet management software can help Green Industry contractors easily increase operational efficiency.

You may be familiar with the basic benefits of fleet management systems. But, did you know these solutions can also provide analytics-based business intelligence insights that enable crews to work smarter without adding resources? Here are five ways fleet management software can help Green Industry contractors increase operational efficiency:

1. Fuel savings

With volatile gas prices, finding ways to reduce your fleet’s fuel costs is paramount. Fleet management software can help identify the source of bloated fuel costs, including excessive vehicle idling and inefficient routing.

2. Maintenance

Fleet management software sends maintenance alerts based on a vehicle’s engine-on time or mileage. Proactively monitoring this wear and tear can help you stay ahead of costly, unplanned maintenance and reduce the chance of vehicle malfunction.

3. Routing

GPS integration lets you know the precise location of your vehicles in real-time, giving you insight into crew productivity. Optimal systems offer advanced features, including geo-fencing to specify each driver’s service area, and the ability to send drivers to job sites using the most direct, least traffic-ridden path.

4. Safety

Fleet management systems allow users to identify risky driver behavior such as excessive speeding. Correcting this behavior before it escalates helps reduce risk on the road, leading to fewer accidents and lower insurance costs.

5. Customer service

Streamlined dispatching gives contractors the ability to provide more accurate service windows to clients by identifying the nearest available crew. This allows teams to take on up to an extra job per day for each vehicle. High-quality systems also integrate with mobile applications to give employees on-the-go access to valuable customer service history.

Fleet management systems are becoming strategic business imperatives for fleet-based service providers. They help you edge out the competition by getting more done in a day’s time without sacrificing quality of service.

Todd Ewing is the director of product marketing for Fleetmatics. Visit greenindustrypros.com/10845666 for more information on web-based fleet management solutions from Fleetmatics.

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