Grow Sales with Customer Loyalty Programs

Build customer loyalty to your business through special programs and promotions that encourage return business.

Business owners don't have to spend much money to go above and beyond for their customers. They just have to get creative by offering unique promotions and finding interesting ways to give customers a great value that encourages loyalty.

Offer a loyalty program

A loyalty program is sure to get repeat business because you're giving customers great value in an economy where people want to save as much money as possible. Give key tags and plastic cards with your company's name and logo to those who sign up for your loyalty program. The customer can use them to rack up points with each purchase. You can also use "punch" cards that offer customers a free (low-cost to you) item or service after they have made a certain number of purchases and reach a certain number of "punches" on their card. The loyalty program helps the customer feel like they are getting something more for their money so they will continue to make purchases.

Create a giveaway event

You can easily create an online giveaway or promotion through social media to raise awareness for your brand. A free service like Rafflecopter will allow fans to enter the contest by liking your page on Facebook, following you on Twitter, sharing your Facebook page, etc. and submit their information. When the entry period is over, the app will randomly select one person to win the giveaway. Giveaways will gain you new customers while engaging existing customers.

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