Can Homeowners Really Save Money by Mowing Their Own Lawns?

GreenPal research says it takes typical homeowner seven years to recover cost of buying their own equipment, giving residential lawn maintenance contractors some great sales ammunition!

So imagine you are a homeowner who just moved into a new home, and you need to figure out what you are going to do about mowing the lawn. You have two options: You could hire a professional service to do it for you, or purchase all the needed equipment to mow and maintain it yourself.

However, what most people don’t realize is that landscape professionals are more efficient than ever—and in most cases it’s a no-brainer for a homeowner to forgo buying all the needed equipment and supplies to mow and maintain their lawn themselves. After they buy a mower, edger, trimmer, blower, gas cans etc., and then factor their own time, it’s often more cost-effective to hire a professional.

So why do some homeowners still mow their own lawns? It could be that some just enjoy mowing the lawn; perhaps it’s their therapy. While this could be the case, it's safe to assume that most people just do not realize the actual cost comparisons and just assume it’s cheaper to mow it themselves.

Comparing costs

That is exactly why a company called GreenPal created this enlightening illustration. GreenPal researched the average costs for a homeowner to invest in entry-level consumer equipment (riding mower, blower and trimmer), and then added in the annual maintenance, fuel, and cost of a homeowner’s time. Then GreenPal compared that against the national average for basic weekly lawn maintenance ($45 for a half acre).

What the company found was surprising. If a homeowner decided to buy all the needed equipment and mow their own lawn, it will take them seven years to recover the cost of that equipment.

So next time you’re selling a maintenance contract, use this info as ammunition. After all the costs are considered, professional lawn care is affordable—and professionals can do a better job for a better price than consumers can do for themselves.

GreenPal is an online lead-generation system that connects lawn care professionals with consumers. When a consumer expresses their need for service, multiple pre-screened contractors compete for the businesses. Consumers then schedule and pay for their service online or by smartphone.