New Low-Mow Grass at Former President's Home Only Had to Be Cut Once this Year

These low-mow grasses have been gaining traction because of their look and the ultra-low maintenance required.

Lancaster Online
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A crew recently mowed the sweeping lawn in front of Wheatland, the home of former President James Buchanan, near Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Not a big deal for folks who mow their lawn weekly.

This mowing, however, was the first and only for the entire year. The new low-mow grass planted there this year lived up to its name. The caretakers of Wheatland added a low-mow mix of fescue grasses to cut down on maintenance. And that’s likely how the lawn looked when Buchanan lived there in the 19th century.

These grasses have been gaining traction recently because of the ultra-low maintenance required and the look, tall stands of seed-topped grass that are more meadow and less golf course.

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