Consumers Want More Sustainable Lawn Care

Husqvarna’s Green Spaces Survey shows most consumers would choose a contractor who uses eco-friendly equipment, and many would even pay more.

Husqvarna has announced the results of its Green Spaces Survey conducted in August 2016. According to the survey, the majority of U.S. consumers believe individuals and companies should be using more sustainable lawn and tree care methods, such as battery-powered outdoor power equipment.

The report surveyed 1,579 U.S. consumers to gauge their investment in outdoor green spaces, their outdoor power equipment preferences, and their opinions of commercial landscaping companies that use eco-friendly technology. More than half of consumers who have a lawn (65 percent) stated they would choose a landscaper who uses eco-friendly outdoor power equipment over one who doesn’t, while an overwhelming number of consumers (72 percent) say they would support companies that use eco-friendly outdoor power equipment over those that don’t.

Husqvarna is committed to keeping a pulse on the future of public green spaces so we can best advise both consumers and professionals on sustainable, efficient ways to maintain parks as well as commercial and residential properties,” said Jeff Dewosky, vice president and general manager for Husqvarna North America. “This report demonstrates that there’s a demand for more eco-friendly outdoor power equipment and the benefits that the technology provides.”

Consumers prefer quieter, cleaner equipment. The survey further reveals that consumers are increasingly interested in outdoor power equipment that is quieter and more efficient. More than half of survey respondents (57 percent) would pay more for a landscaper who uses quieter outdoor power equipment, and a majority (78 percent) believe public parks should use eco-friendly outdoor power equipment for maintenance.

“Commercial lawn and tree care providers who use battery-powered equipment are contributing to reduced noise levels and emissions, which this report shows is important to the people living in the areas where professionals work,” said Walt Rose, national sales manager for commercial lawn, garden and tree care customers at Husqvarna North America. “There are also many benefits that only commercial users will recognize, such as the high productivity and cost savings that result from battery products requiring less downtime in the long run for maintenance.”

Separate survey gauges student attitudes. The Green Spaces Survey complements a recently unveiled global survey on urban parks and green spaces that Husqvarna conducted in Sweden. The global report asked 533 landscaping architect students in 15 countries to share what the future of urban parks will look like in 2030. Similar to the Green Spaces Survey findings, the general consensus amongst these students was that technology – particularly robotic mowers and sensors for monitoring environmental conditions – will play an increasing role in enabling sustainable urban parks.

Other important results from the Green Spaces Survey include:

  • More than half (56 percent) of respondents visit a public park once a week or more.
  • A vast majority (75 percent) of respondents spend three or more hours in the outdoors, including parks and their own backyards.
  • Survey respondents overwhelmingly (71 percent) believe companies that choose eco-friendly outdoor power equipment should receive tax benefits.
  • A majority (70 percent) of consumers believe there should be tax benefits for people who purchase eco-friendly outdoor power equipment.