Think Digital First

The time is upon us. Landscaping is unquestionably a business conducted primarily outdoors to cut the grass, trim the hedges, and rake the leaves. However, like any small business owner, landscape contractors still must manage the business side of their companies.

In today’s business world, you must think digital first. From landscape business management software to the numerous mobile applications, there are numerous options to help make running a business easier. Apps are relatively inexpensive and for small contractors, it can help give them an edge in competing with larger corporations and lead to bigger profits.

By digital first, we mean that you must start thinking about your business in terms of software and hardware as much as supplies.

How do you start you day? Once you grab your coffee, you’re checking QuickBooks or some other financial software or app to check your bank balance via your phone or computer. Some of you may even use ZipRecruiter or Indeed to drive recruitment efforts. Other apps extend into project management, HR and beyond.

Recent surveys suggest that most landscapers are using at least 8 software tools or apps to operate their businesses. Just from that alone, they can become overwhelmed trying to sort out all the different passwords and usernames.

It is very apparent to most small business owners, that if they're going to succeed, scale, or sustain their current business model that they need to embrace fully the software revolution.

While business apps are the new central platform for small business, with 3.8 million in the Google store alone, it’s daunting to decide which are best for your company. That trend only accelerated in 2020 amidst the pandemic.

In response to these challenges for specifically the landscaping industry, Green Industry Pros has partnered with SquareStack to offer GreenApps. The central purpose of GreenApps is to help the landscape contractor to consolidate or aggregate all their existing digital tools or apps, from QuickBooks to social media and HR tools, into one system of record. The system allows the small business owner access with one username and password.

The most significant feature is the real time dashboard that allows contractors to see all the data from their systems such as bank balances, social media followers, expense reports and more. With quicker access to this information, it allows you as landscape professionals and often owner-operators, to get out and do the business of landscaping and have less administrative pain around managing their business.

If you’re already spending $100 to $200 per month on apps or software, the idea to use GreenApps for only $10 per month, to make all that software work is a no brainer. Visit for more information.