The Walker Way Now Available

Read the story on how the Walker family got into the mower business from the pen of Bob Walker. Available in hard cover, paperback, e-book or audio, it can be found on Amazon or

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The story of how the Walker family got into the mower business is an incredible story of faith, perseverance and ingenuity. This story has now been captured in a book by the founder's son Bob Walker entitled "The Walker Way, A family’s journey of loving people, loss, and lawn mowers."

Operating a business is about more than multiplying money. It is away to create multiplied opportunity for yourself and many others. Ultimately, business is a way to love people. "The Walker Way" shows how.

Now available in paperbackhard covere-book, and audiobook, "The Walker Way" tells the story of Walker Manufacturing’s humble beginnings and the lessons learned along the way. Bob Walker does a masterful job of sharing his childhood memories all the way through the mower project and the values that have directed the Walker family all these years.

 Available for order through Walker Ware and Amazon. Bulk discounts are also available for multiple copies at Additionally, a special hard cover signed by Bob Walker is available to purchase only at Walker Ware.