DIY Videos Help Ohio Contractor Stand Out

For this Ohio contractor, online videos and internet marketing have helped establish a good reputation and grow his landscape business.

Tim Wildes of Wildes Lawn & Landscaping in Dayton, OH, has put a lot of consideration into building his website ( He’s even taken it a step further by working with employees to create do-it-yourself videos just for the site.

Videos Reach and Teach Customers and Prospects

“Videos provide a unique way to reach our clientele that not a lot of companies out there are doing,” says Aaron Coontz, design and installation supervisor at Wildes. “A lot of people want to understand the basics of landscaping, so we started by providing basic tips.”

Videos also help those who can handle the small jobs on their own. “We want to be a resource both for people who want to hire a professional landscape company and for those who want to tackle their landscape projects on their own,” says Wildes.

Producing the videos doesn’t cost much at all. The Wildes team members created them on their own. Topics covered in the videos include:

  • Equipment maintenance
  • Planting
  • Landscape materials advice
  • Mowing techniques
  • More topics are sure to follow as Wildes has received plenty of praise from site viewers on the videos’ quality and helpfulness.

    “People are shocked when they find out that we did all the work in-house,” says Wildes. “We have many good people working for us whose talents go beyond just landscaping.”

    To see for yourself, check out Wildes Website.

    A Website is Also an Inexpensive Billboard

    “The Internet is becoming more popular, useful and cost-effective than any other form of advertising,” explains Wildes. “As a young entrepreneur, I know that it’s important for a website to allow people to find out information about our company from any computer at anytime, anywhere.”

    “A website is like a billboard, always visible and informative, and has dramatically changed how people conduct business,” says Lee Sledge, general manager for Wildes Lawn & Landscape.