Dress the Part with Employee Uniforms

Employee uniforms are an investment in employee and customer satisfaction alike.

Company uniforms are a great tool for building brand awareness as well as improving customer and employee satisfaction. Uniforms show both employees and customers that the business is invested in its people, illustrating professionalism and reliability. With new technology, designing and acquiring uniforms is getting much simpler.

One contractor had this to say about the importance of investing in uniforms, “After years of doing them ourselves, we recently bought Cintas’ services. The pants were always the holdout, but we were able to get Carhartt and that made the sale. I think the professional look is worth the money if you’re trying to keep your image up.”

Worn with pride

Uniforms should be both attractive and functional. Employees in physically demanding roles should have uniforms that have some “give” for when the individual is bending or stretching to complete a task. The uniforms should also be made of durable fabric appropriate for the climate—breathable and sweat-wicking in warmer climates, and insulating in cooler areas.

The careful selection of quality uniforms can really boost the mood of employees when wearing them. A good uniform will help the employee to feel comfortable, confidant and empowered.

On a first-name basis

An important element of the company uniform is the name badge. According to a recent random survey of 1,000 men and women across the U.S. conducted by Social Science Research Solutions (SSRS) for Imprint Plus, a manufacturer of customized reusable name badge systems, nearly three out of five customers (59%) were more likely to shop in a store where they knew the sales associates by name, title and area of expertise.

The survey also revealed that 57% of those surveyed claimed that would buy more merchandise and frequent a store more often if they had a relationship with the sales associate by name. Two-thirds of those surveyed stated that knowing the name of store employees helped in building a relationship with the retailer. Consider adding name tags to employee uniforms to even further their impact.

Apps making it easier

Designing and managing a uniform wardrobe for staff can be a time-consuming and daunting task. Cintas has recently introduced an iPad app designed to simplify the process.

With CintasDesign, Cintas consultants can easily show customers the latest styles and trends, search apparel by garment type, collection, theme and job function, and try out uniform concepts on virtual models. The app allows users to easily try out color schemes and styles to see what fits the company’s branding best.