Constellation Software Encouraging Dealers to Switch from Inventrakk to Ideal

Creating an easy transition process, Constellation Software is encouraging dealers to make a move from the Paulson Computer Systems’ Inventrakk to Ideal, while maintaining support of Inventrakk.

Paulson Computer Systems was recently acquired by Constellation Software. Ideal computer systems was also acquired by the company 2010. In a letter to dealers from Greg Carradus of Constellation Dealership Software, dealers were notified of an opportunity to transition over to Ideal from the Paulson Inventrakk product. Constellation Software will continue to support Inventrakk, but is pushing dealers to switch to the more robust Ideal.

Dealers will be allowed to switch to the Ideal system without any licensing fees, saving them from $5,000 to $10,000. To make the transition even easier for dealers, the “migration” of the data from Inventrakk to Ideal will be done without any additional fees.

To further influence dealers to make the move, Constellation will be hosting webinars to educate Inventrakk users on the ideal product.  

Additionally, Constellation with be standardizing the rate card for both Ideal and Inventrakk maintenance fees. This includes a $15 surcharge on check payments.