Mid-Atlantic Stihl Hires New Marketing Manager

Genie McClain brings 20-plus years of experience; has worked for Miller Brewing and AT&T.

Genie McClain, marketing manager for Mid-Atlantic Stihl
Genie McClain, marketing manager for Mid-Atlantic Stihl

Mid-Atlantic Stihl, a division of Stihl Inc., has hired Genie McClain as their new marketing manager.

McClain, who specializes in brand management and marketing, brings more than 20 years of experience in marketing, sales, merchandising and product management. Her list of past employers features nationally recognized brands and companies such as AT&T, YP, Miller Brewing Company, , Gibson Guitar, Corp., and Cunard Cruise Line.

In addition to serving several multi-billion dollar companies, she has a proven track record of helping companies drive profitability, brand awareness, and product preference.  At Mid-Atlantic Stihl, McClain will be developing and implementing the branch marketing activities and communications programs.