Accents of the Winter Landscape

It’s not too early to think about the winter landscape. There are plenty of plants and hardscapes that shine in winter.

The Mercury
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Fall just began. It is not too early to be thinking about the winter landscape. Consider the views from inside the home that can bring cheer during the dormant season. There are lots of interesting plants and hardscapes that shine in the winter.

Ornamental grasses is one of the first group of plants that adds life in winter. Where possible, leave them in place and cut them off come spring. The seed heads and stems add color and awareness throughout the winter. Blanketed with some snow and a breeze, they draw the eye out into the landscape.

Color is one of the most attention grabbing features in a garden. Colorful stems of bronze, red, yellow and green are discovered when the leaves are absent. Various sized shrubs of dogwoods and Kerria are available to brighten up the shrub border.

Evergreens serve as backdrops for the colorful stems or as standalone specimens.

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