Green Industry Associations are Providing COVID-19 Resources for Businesses

Collectively, the message is that we are all in this together

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The collective voices of the green industry have each gathered valuable resources together on their respective websites to benefit the small businesses that have questions.

Members of each organization span the United States, if not the world. The National Association of Landscape Professionals, Outdoor Power Equipment Institute and the Irrigation Association serve as advocated for those in the green industry. During this time of crisis, they are each fighting to ensure that landscaping, lawn care and outdoor power equipment fields are found to be essential. 

To further assist members and others within the industry, each has provided its own set of resources (links, videos, webinars and more) related to the COVID-19 crisis.

While some of the information may be duplicated across the sites, the message is the same, they want to assist you getting through this in the best way possible.

Following is a listing of their resource pages on COVID-19 strategies: